Die Glocke -as it was codenamed by the Nazis-was a hard metal object about 12 to 15 feet tall and nine feet in diameter. Defined by the Polish journalist and self-proclaimed military historian predicated on the alleged testimony of that SS standard, the Bell kept two counter-rotating 1-inch-thick lead cylinders inside. After the medium-stiff brush … Read More

For septic system substitution and new home construction, Norwesco's polyethylene septic tanks are made for sturdiness and quick, easy unit installation. Any Norwesco septic reservoir can be transferred to the work site in a pickup and carried by simply two different people. This allows you to set up the tank on your timetable. If the disposal site… Read More

Our ongoing objective is to provide quality precast concrete products, with the best possible customer service, supplying our customers the best value for his or her money. We strive to be accommodating and good to our customers as well as our employees while preserving a feasible, safe and profitable business. Allegiant Precast is an Oklahoma foun… Read More

Polyethylene tanks require special strategies and service during installation. Demand instructions. Turley Bros are proud to announce that our Container conforms to the present Specifications of Environmental Practice as per the EPA Code of Practice and has achieved Western EN 12566-1 documentation. While an adequately managed and located septic ta… Read More

Compression Joint: A surface between two mating concrete parts where force is usually to be applied to compress the sealant material. The upright servings 58a and 60a of the yoke associates 58 and 60 are further provided with clamping members or anchor bolts 70 and 72 respectively, said bolts increasing outwardly between the adjoining sides of the … Read More